Changelog Week 32


    Changelog for Week 32

    Quote of the Week:

    CJ: Are you a professional moron or just a gifted amateur?

    * Creation of the database

    * Saving and Loading of the Accounts

    * Passwordencryption via SHA-256

    * Vehicle-System including a Garagefunction

    User can load their cars via /loadcar in front of their house.

    This saves some ressources and lets the user decide which car he drives.

    * Spawnsystem

    Every Player will spawn in one of six different locations. Also he then gets

    an appropriate skin and fighting style. This is then saved to the users account.

    Every Spawn is near a Travel-Point. Players automatically save their last position

    and spawn there if they reconnect.

    * Adminsystem

    We implemented the most basics commands an admin will need.

    Also we added an simple Adminsystem with 3 ranks.

    * Fast Travel Points

    In the last week we placed approximately 50 locations over the map where players can get around via Airplane/Helicopter, Boat or Train.

    At every location you have the possiblity to travel to the nearest Airport, Pier or Trainstation.

    * Respawn System

    Every Player has the possiblity to respawn themselves. They will the get spawned at their saved

    Spawn. Also we included a timer and a check for damage in the last 15 seconds.

    * faster Playing Time

    The time on our server is now running at sixfold speed. That means that a whole day in San Andreas

    only takes up four Hours, one Minute in the Game now takes 10 seconds to complete.

    * "Hobos Express Limited"

    We opened the first restaurent in Los Santos. In our "Hobos" a friendly

    and homeless chef will greet you and serve some fine food.

    (As seen in the Banner)

    * Octane Springs Fuel Depot and Gas Station

    For a upcoming system we implemented a few changes on the Map there.

    * Easter Basin Depot & Traffic Lights

    Also we changed the Map at Easter Basin Harbour. We ditched all the Traffic Lights in San Andreas

    because thoose wont affect the gameplay at all, so they are no longer needed.

    Next week is packed and we are happy for your feedback.