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    Hi, first Thread and its already an FAQ, for Questions no one ever asked. Whatever, you need to get through that now!

    1. Why ?

    The Community isn't really shrinking, just getting inactive. People that used to have a lot of time to populate the servers are getting older, having families or are already having children. Someone who is working at least 40H a Week and is standing in the middle of his life can't just throw his time "per hour" into a SA:MP Project. New Players are getting more rare than ever because as you all know SA:MP is technically old. What keeps us all in this game is the nostalgia and the deep bond we encountered with San Andreas.

    2. What ?

    We try to focus our whole script on the most fun possible in addition to a free time schedule. No more Only-Duty, already bought houses, full streets and fixed world-time. Come when you want to play, go when you need to, come back half a year later, no Problem at all. That is our concept, and we try to achieve it by all means.

    3. How ?

    With an extensive Karma-System that does most of the administrative Work, a detailed Log to get things sorted after the incident, Standby-Staff that help by personal problems with the server, a slot-system to solve the madness of already bought houses and land as well as a fastened Ingame playtime to solve the problem of varying online time.

    4. Who ?

    Old SA:MP Dudes, young thinkers and spaced-out Technic Freaks keep the Project in their free Time running. Our "No Stress" Mentality helps us there as well.

    We have Team-Members and Advisors, quick and dirty said, the first ones work active on the project and the last ones try to help with their special knowledge or give us their personal opinion without even working actively on the project. If you want to help us, whatever way, let me know via PM.

    5. When ?

    Now, I promise. All important Positions are already pre-filled, a big chunk of the Script is also done. We try to get the Server up and running for a public Alpha before the first snow falls in Germany.

    6. I don't like XYZ!

    Sure, no Problem, in nearly all Positions there are various Team-members, private Problems should not be brought to this Project, that includes Members as well as Staff.

    Whoever can talk like a gentleman gets threaten like one too, no matter his past. Deal ?

    7. What do I want with German?

    Keep cool, our Script will be like this Board bi-lingual. We just want to reach as many players as possible and that should also be in your favor, or am i wrong ?

    8. I don't have time for a Circus that will be gone in 2 Weeks!

    Okay, I don't need to comment that circus part. ^^ But we won't be gone that fast. The Development and the Idea are now standing for more than 2 Years, many Members know each and another for double or thrice that time. So if we are gone faster than you thought, i personally will invite you to a cup of coffee.

    9. Data security, GDPR and why do you even know what color my underpants has?

    The Board is running on the newest version of WCF/WBB and the Script will be open for all Advisors. Passwords are going to be encrypted, the database server won't be accessible via the public network. We try our best to save your and our data. If that's still not enough, we try our best to satisfy your new GDPR needs. Just sent us an E-Mail and we will answer you ASAP (our current E-Mail is mentioned in our Imprint).

    10. Okay, nice set of questions but that doesn't change a thing that I am not interested in SA:MP anymore.

    We are sorry to hear that, but we only can ask you to give us a shot. Maybe you visit our Board from time to time and see what we are up to. Even if you don want to play yourself we are more than happy to welcome you into our community as a reader and writer.

    If you have any Questions that I didn't answer you ? Sent me a PM and I try my best to give you the best possible answers.